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Real and Honest

*DISCLAIMER* This Escort comes with the following:
*Brutal Honesty
*More Sarcasm and a
*Take No Prisoners Approach (what does that mean you ask?) - 
it means that if you choose to contact me in a way I deem rude, offensive or just plain ignorant I will respond impolitely and cannot be held accountable for what I say in return....basically just dont ask for things not listed or message me in a way that dehumanises me, otherwise I'm pretty chill and just someone who loves good company, good food, great sex and a bit of banter if you're into the down to earth real person behind the dollar look no further, if you want the fantasy keep on scrolling.
Have a good one 
Rachael xx

Services & Rates

GFE Services:

Multiple Shots,
Oral on me,
Sparkling Conversation,

PSE Services (additionally to GFE):

Anal Play,


30min -  GFE 300 - PSE - 400
45min -  GFE 350 - PSE - 450
1Hr -        GFE 400 - PSE - 500

1Hr -      GFE 400 - PSE - 550

Couples - GFE 800 - PSE 1000
Dinner Date - GFE 1200 - PSE 1400 

Extended & Special Bookings - Outcall to your 5 star hotel
Overnighters are available for those I've already seen prior and Weekends are only available for regulars
Overnight - 3000 
Weekend - TBD


When are you available?

My calendar isnt always up to date so it's best to ask for a time that suits you and we can go from there

Where are you located?

Belmont, Western Australia

Can you come to me? (Outcall)

Yes, Screening Requirements below:

PRIVATE RESIDENCE: I require a photograph of a letter/bill along with your I.D next to it to it as proof you live at that address.
You may cover up any non-essential information: Class, DOB, Issue/Expiry, Licence Number.

HOTEL: I require your room number and full name so I can call reception at your hotel and be put through to you so I may confirm you're actually there awaiting my arrival.

Do you tour or Can I fly you to me?

* Yes I do tour to Interstate Cities and Country Australia

* Yes I'm available to fly interstate, with notice.
* Bookings must be of Overnight or Weekend Duration
* For privacy reasons Flights and Accommodation must be booked by me - A deposit paid in advance to cover both will be acceptable

What is your deposit policy?

New clients are required to pay $100 which will come off the total of the booking
clients are exempt from this process however any cancellations without a fee paid will mean a deposit is needed to secure your next booking

- Deposits are required from all clients when Pre-Booking
- To ensure I am able to visit your city deposits are needed to help me secure accommodation and transport so I can spend time with you

What is your cancellation policy?

- All clients are required to pay a $100 cancellation fee, for loss of time preparing for your booking and setting aside time for you that another could of had
- Deposits are not refunded for a change of mind or cancellation, I will hold the deposit for a booking at another date and time of your choosing,
- If I have to cancel the booking for any reason I will return your deposit unless otherwise instructed.

- Deposits are not refunded for a change of mind or cancellation, I will hold  the deposit for a booking at another date and time of your choosing.
- If I have to cancel for any reason and you have paid a deposit I will return it unless otherwise instructed.


Cute Shots


Please send the following information

  • Name:
  • Date / Time / Duration:
  • Incall/Outcall: 
An example for you would look like this:

Hi Rachael,
My name is John I saw your Advertisement on Scarlet Blue and would like to know if I can  see you  for an Incall on Friday the13th at 12pm for 2 hours ?
I am very interested in X, Y, Z service you have listed if that is okay?
Please let me know at your earliest convenience as well as the deposit details
Thanks John x