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Beauty is skin deep and Life really is what you make of it

"Many will walk in and out of your life, but only someone special will leave footprints in your heart"

Being an insightful person means I love unravelling someone's mind and discovering the depth they hold but that’s only rivaled by my passion for travel as well as my insatiable appetite for sexual discovery.

Conversation is something that comes easily to me and many have told me I'm very personable, down to earth and that I put them at ease straight away.

My friendly smile and 
laid back nature will relax you, my sense of humour will make you forget where you are and my curves will excite you and leave you wanting more.
Dress me up, dress me down, show me off, or keep me all to yourself… I’m the perfect companion for every occasion.

I genuinely enjoy my job, meeting new people & developing meaningful connections that add more depth every time.
A quote from Game of Thrones comes to mind, that is relatable:
Lord Tyrion explaining to his bodyguard Bronn "Just because I pay you, doesnt diminish our friendship" To which Bronn agrees stating "in fact it enhances it!"

Paying to spend time with me doesn't diminish any meaningful connections we make.When you pick me from all the other beauties, you've made feel desirable, wanted and respected which makes you a true gentleman and I feel excited for when I get to lavish attention on you.

Those I am lucky enough to call 'regular' are some of the most amazing people, our relationships have developed to be something that some have called life changing and awakening by others but for me its both and I am grateful to have these connections in my life.

Behind the Scenes:
I fancy myself a bit of a nerd and thoroughly enjoy the Marvel/DC Universe
I love Computer & Xbox Games I enjoy MMORPG and Fantasy/Adventure based games - I'm a big kid at heart
I have rather a dark sense of humor that tends to be riddled with sarcasm - think Red Dwarf, The IT Crowd, Rick and Morty & Archer
I love to read I enjoy Young Adult Fantasy novels, Self Help Books (Skill Improvement Books), Biographies that show people overcoming adversity 
I love most types of music such as Drum and Bass, Heavy Metal, Grunge, Indie & Alternative - think Black Sun Empire, Korn, 
Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana & MSMR

Gifts are not expected but very much appreciated, if you would like to gift me with something I do like the following:
Makeup - Mecca Maxima (Gift Voucher)
Books - Amazon.com.au Kindle Books (Gift Voucher)
Travel - Qantas (Gift Voucher)

Services & Rates

GFE Services:

Covered BJ, 
Multiple Shots,
Oral on me,
Sparkling Conversation,

PSE Services (additionally to GFE):

Anal Play,


30min -  GFE 250 - PSE - 350
1Hr -       GFE 400 - PSE - 500
2Hrs -    GFE 800 - PSE - 1000
Additional Hrs - GFE 300 - PSE - 400

1Hr -      GFE 500 - PSE - 600
2Hrs -    GFE 900 - PSE - 1100
Additional Hrs - GFE 400 - PSE - 500

Couples - GFE 800 - PSE 1000
Dinner Date - GFE 1400 - PSE 1600 

Extended & Special Bookings - Outcall to your 5 star hotel
Overnighters are available for those I've already seen prior and Weekends are only available for regulars
Overnight - 3000 
Weekend - TBD


When are you available?

My calendar isnt always up to date so it's best to ask for a time that suits you and we can go from there

Where are you located?

Belmont, Western Australia

Can you come to me? (Outcall)

Yes, Screening Requirements below:

PRIVATE RESIDENCE: I require a photograph of a letter/bill along with your I.D next to it to it as proof you live at that address.
You may cover up any non-essential information: Class, DOB, Issue/Expiry, Licence Number.

HOTEL: I require your room number and full name so I can call reception at your hotel and be put through to you so I may confirm you're actually there awaiting my arrival.

Do you tour or Can I fly you to me?

* Yes I do tour to Interstate Cities and Country Australia

* Yes I'm available to fly interstate, with notice.
* Bookings must be of Overnight or Weekend Duration
* For privacy reasons Flights and Accommodation must be booked by me - A deposit paid in advance to cover both will be acceptable

What is your deposit policy?

New clients are required to pay $100 which will come off the total of the booking
clients are exempt from this process however any cancellations without a fee paid will mean a deposit is needed to secure your next booking

- Deposits are required from all clients when Pre-Booking
- To ensure I am able to visit your city deposits are needed to help me secure accommodation and transport so I can spend time with you

What is your cancellation policy?

- All clients are required to pay a $100 cancellation fee, for loss of time preparing for your booking and setting aside time for you that another could of had
- Deposits are not refunded for a change of mind or cancellation, I will hold the deposit for a booking at another date and time of your choosing,
- If I have to cancel the booking for any reason I will return your deposit unless otherwise instructed.

- Deposits are not refunded for a change of mind or cancellation, I will hold  the deposit for a booking at another date and time of your choosing.
- If I have to cancel for any reason and you have paid a deposit I will return it unless otherwise instructed.


Cute Shots


Please send the following information

  • Name:
  • Date / Time / Duration:
  • Incall/Outcall: 
An example for you would look like this:

Hi Rachael,
My name is John I saw your Advertisement on Scarlet Blue and would like to know if I can  see you  for an Incall on Friday the13th at 12pm for 2 hours ?
I am very interested in X, Y, Z service you have listed if that is okay?
Please let me know at your earliest convenience as well as the deposit details
Thanks John x